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The following spices are used in many recipes:
Vanilla pods can be used more than once. Simply wash the vanilla pod after use and allow it to dry. It can then be added to a sugar bowl or salt shaker, giving the sugar or salt a mild hint of vanilla.
Vanilla pods with garlic or cinnamon go really well with chicken. Heat the garlic or cinnamon in a pan with some butter or oil. Add the pod and stir into the hot butter or oil. Add the diced chicken and continue to fry over a high heat. Adding vanilla salt serves to intensify the flavour.
Chinese hawthorn berries have a high pectin content and are perfect for thickening sauces and helping jams to set.
Long Pepper is suitable for use in Asian and Oriental dishes as it goes very well with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cardamom. Long Pepper is slightly hotter than black pepper.
Maniguette Pepper (Grains of Paradise) was once used as a substitute for pepper. These Grains of Paradise go particularly well with lamb or venison, or with potatoes and squash. They are related to cardamom but they taste more like pepper and are very hot.
Cinnamon tree flowers are milder than cinnamon bark. If you wish to use cinnamon in the summer this is a good alternative as it tastes less Christmassy. The flavour comes from the skin of the fruit rather than the seeds. It is also somewhat sweeter. Cinnamon tree flowers are ideal for use in compotes and jams.
Rose petals and rose water are used primarily in Oriental cuisine. However rose water also tastes fantastic in our compotes and jams or in a Crème.
Orange blossom water, like rose petal water, is used in Oriental cuisine. Orange blossom water tastes wonderful with poultry or in cakes and desserts. Orange blossom has a totally different smell from the fruit. It lends a unique touch to any dish.
Lavender adds a hint of Provence to desserts, ices and white bread.
Ravioli mit Ricotta und Lavendelblüten
Ravioli mit Ricotta und Lavendelblüten
Für die Füllung, Ricotta, Mascarpone und einen Esslöffel Lavendelblüten hinzufügen. Gut mischen. Die Masse sollte fest sein, sonst nochmals etwas Mascarpone beigeben. Mit Jamaika-Pfeffer, Zitronenschalen und Salz abschmecken.

Die Lavendelblüten können in Drogerien, Reformhäusern oder spezialisierten Gewürzläden gekauft werden. Lavendelblüten sparsam verwenden, da der Geschmack sehr intensiv ist.

Information zur Herstellung der Ravioli unter: Anleitung für Nudelteige und Ravioli.

Für die Rahm-Pfeffer-Sauce, die Hälfte des Rahmes in einer Pfanne erwärmen, Jamaika-Pfeffer, etwas Salz und Zitronenschalen dazugeben. Den restlichen Rahm schlagen und darunterheben.

Ravioli in heissem Salzwasser 3-4 Minuten ziehen lassen. Mit der Schaumkelle herausnehmen und auf die vorgewärmten Teller verteilen. Die Sauce darüber giessen und sofort servieren. Mit wenigen Lavendelblüten garnieren.
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