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What is Chef's Handyman?
Chef's Handyman is an electronic series of recipe books (e-cookbook). These practical electronic recipe books are an indispensable tool for the modern kitchen and a MUST for all keen cooks.
The e-cookbook can be loaded onto a mobile phone or a tablet pc. Download Shops lists the individual platforms on which the e-cookbooks can be downloaded.
Anyone who owns more than one book from Chef's Handyman will soon learn to appreciate the benefits of this recipe database. Practical search functions make it easy to find or select recipes.
What are the benefits of Chef's Handyman?
The Chef's Handyman recipe book series can be taken along everywhere, be it in a handbag, in a sports bag or in a briefcase. Wherever you have your mobile phone you will have access to your recipe books. The e-cookbook is always at hand - at all times and in all places - making it possible to handle spontaneous invitations highly efficiently.
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You can also call up your favourite recipes whenever you are in the supermarket or on holiday. A handy shopping list makes shopping easier, too.
The time you save can be used for other activities.
The Chef's Handyman e-cookbooks are also illustrated. You can browse through them, just as you would with a traditional cookbook. What's more, several e-cookbooks can be saved on the same mobile phone or tablet pc. You will no longer have to worry about carrying a lot of heavy books around.
Why is a Chef's Handyman e-cookbook such an indispensable tool?
The Chef's Handyman recipes have all been tried and tested by amateur chefs. Every recipe is accompanied by at least one picture, all of which are genuine illustrations of the end result of the dishes. We have made a point of ensuring that the recipes are easy to follow.
They are designed for both single people and families, allowing you to transform simple ingredients into sophisticated dishes. Your guests will be amazed and delighted!
The Chef's Handyman recipes are quick to prepare and simple to cook. They use a sophisticated selection of herbs and spices, which give the dishes a special touch and provide you with inspiration from all around the world, whatever the season.
Spargeln mit Kräuterpesto
Spargeln mit Kräuterpesto
Für den Kräuter-Pesto: 1 Bund Koriander, einige Blätter Pfefferminze und Verveine, 1 Bund Petersilie, 2 Bund Basilikum, 3-4 EL Olivenöl, 80-100g geschälte Mandeln oder Pinienkerne, ein halbes Glas lauwarmes Wasser, und 2 EL Zitronensaft mit dem Schneidestab pürieren. Wenn die Masse zu dickflüssig werden sollte, nochmals etwas Wasser hinzufügen. Mit Salz und Pfeffer gut abschmecken.

Spargeln schälen und im Steamer oder in Salzwasser kochen bis sie weich sind.

Auf Tellern anrichten. Pesto dazu servieren.

Chef’s Handyman Tipp: Es können alle Gartenkräuter verwendet werden. Pfefferminze, Zitronenmelisse und Eisenkraut sollten sparsam verwendet werden, da sonst der Geschmack dominiert.
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