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From idea to finished product.
A hectic day and a growing awareness of a demand to be satisfied.
Spontaneous invitations after a long, hard day at work demand a high degree of improvisation and organisation. Looking up favourite recipes in various cookbooks or databases is a time-consuming process. Which ingredients do you have in your fridge and which ones do you need to buy? What do you do if you are away from home and it isn't possible for you to look up recipes? Inviting and pampering your guests becomes more of a frustration than a pleasure.
Survey and particular needs
The question was whether other people found themselves in the same predicament. The results were interesting and enlightening. The answer was a resounding yes. What had to change to make issuing invitations less of a chore? The following suggestions and demands were identified most often:
  1. You want to have your favourite recipe books to hand wherever you are.
  2. Books ought to have simple search functions.
  3. It should be possible to locate recipes quickly without having to search through thousands of books.
  4. It would be handy to have a shopping list that could be accessed from the shops.
  5. All books must fit into a bag or pocket.
  6. It would be nice to have access to your own cookbooks when on holiday or at home with friends.
The need for portable recipe books that could be accessed round the clock was identified by many other hosts.
This sparked our interest and motivation. Over the course of a year we developed the Chef's Handyman, an up-to-date aid for modern chefs in their kitchens. Chef's Handyman now satisfies many of the most commonly identified demands, including:
  • The e-cookbooks stored on the smart phone or tablet pc can be accessed wherever you happen to be. Wherever you have your smart phone, your e-cookbook is never far away.
  • Every book gives the owner access to the recipe database. Simple search terms can be used to search for suitable recipes.
  • The recipes are quick and easy to find using the database search function.
  • You can access your shopping list at any time, no matter where you are.
  • By using a smart phone you can carry several books in your bag.
  • You can access your recipes regardless of whether you are on holiday or at home with friends.
Für die Füllung, 2 Äpfel und Ingwer in kleine Stücke schneiden. Butter in einer Pfanne schmelzen, die Apfelstücke und den Ingwer weich kochen. Honig, Pfeffer, Salz und Zimt beigeben. Die Apfelmasse auskühlen lassen. Mit dem Ricotta und den Haselnüssen mischen, sodass eine dickliche Masse entsteht. Falls zu flüssig, nochmals Ricotta dazugeben. Abschmecken.

Information zur Herstellung der Ravioli unter: Anleitung für Nudelteige und Ravioli.

Für die Zimtbuttersauce, Butter in der Pfanne erwärmen. Etwas Zimt und Pfeffer dazugeben.

Ravioli in heissem Salzwasser 3-4 Minuten ziehen lassen. Mit der Schaumkelle herausnehmen und auf die vorgewärmten Teller verteilen. Sauce darüber giessen und sofort servieren. Mit Puderzucker und Zimt bestäuben.

Tipp: Apfelringe passen sehr gut dazu. Butter in der Pfanne zum schmelzen bringen. Apfelringe auf beiden Seiten leicht anbraten mit Zucker und Zimt bestäuben. Mit den Ravioli auf dem vorgewärmten Teller anrichten.
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